When someone says, “get over it” — well, if it was that easy, you’d already have done that, right? It’s not always that easy, getting past that stuck spot, especially when criticism & judgment add insult to injury. What I do best, what I love best, more than any other activity in my life, is to help people get past those upsetting events, those upsetting memories   and make solid, lasting changes. And move forward, in freedom.

Sometimes, that means helping to identify subtle, indecipherable trauma.

Sometimes that means, working with the two of you together for communication skills, and to get past the hurt feelings of old exchanges that keep coming back up.

Sometimes that means, tackling the fall-out from unimaginably bad crap that happened  including the kind you don’t even want to think about, the kind where you dread seeing the listener’s reaction.

. . . Because. . .

. . . Much of what we humans struggle with, is trauma – whether “Big-T Trauma” (obvious Trauma, PTSD) or “small-t trauma” (subtle, covert trauma). Car accidents; dog attacks (I love dogs and have been bit very seriously); hurtful arguments in your relationship; painful memories of Violence, or child abuse, or terrifying events; backstabbing from a friend or partner or boss; or having survived bullying —- Sometimes these events result in a lot of noise in your head – a noisy committee so to speak, or nightmares, or intrusive bad memories, or going numb, or “freezing,” or crying, or other emotional reactions – all of which are actually biological responses to overwhelming events.  No, you’re not crazy.  And yes, healing is possible.  It would give me great pleasure, to help that process happen.

In addition to talk therapy, I am certified in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR); & in Observed & Experiential Integration (OEI), a new, and safe & effective way of scaling down a problem into bite-size pieces. I also use Emotional Freedom Technique. These techniques “look funny” – but they work, and there is research to document that. I would love to demonstrate how you, too, can gain ground – and get enduring relief – and gain confidence & hope, and move on in your life. Please call – let’s see if we are a match. Call me, or email me, for an individual, couples’, or family therapy consultation today.

All my best,